About us

Thirst Tea is a mobile beverage truck in Missoula, MT serving a range of signature bubble tea drinks, plus a selection of mochi. Not familiar with bubble tea? Allow us to introduce you! This unique spin on iced tea originated in Taiwan in the 80s, and it has since gained a cult following across the world. The cool and creamy milk tea combined with chewy tapioca balls, also known as “boba”, makes this more than just something to quench your thirst– it’s an experience! With 15 boba options and 6 flavors of mochi, Thirst Tea has something for everyone. Come try them all!


Hi, we’re Morgan and Stevie! Our friendship began way back in high school, and it has withstood the test of time and distance for over ten years! We never expected our teenage bond over The Office, singing in the car on the way to volleyball practice, and love of exploring Missoula together would someday turn us into business partners! But then, 12 years later, Morgan shared her idea to open a bubble tea truck, and Stevie said “I’m in!”.  After nine months of late night zoom meetings, countless taste-testings, and lots of laughs, we are ready to share this tasty, fun drink with our beloved hometown. Our first summer was better than we could have imagined and we can’t wait to see what our second season brings!

We offer a wide variety of boba, classic, and matcha teas as well as mochi. See the full menu here.
Montana is the last best place and we feel a responsibility to keep it that way! Learn more about our sustainability commitments here.
giving back
We donate a portion of our profits each month through Kiva – learn more about their mission here.


Find us parked across from the Roxy Theatre at 705 S Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT 59801